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We are excited to announce the offering of this summers Accelerated EMT Course which will be starting June 1st, 2020!

Your EMT Training begins June 1st and ends June 26th which is in a full-time format. Classes will meet virtually Monday thru Friday from 9am to 430pm. Come join us for our first accelerated course. This course is meant for those who do not have any other time commitments and can fulfill the requirements in this accelerated formal. First 3 weeks meet virtually as a cohort and final week is reserved for individualized skills competency immersions following the new COVID-19 guidelines. Call us today (442) 222 – 5012. 

Lets accomplish our goals of becoming an Emergency Medical Technician at the same time we follow the new COVID-19 guidelines in order to keep our families, neighbors and colleagues safe. We can do this together! Call us at (442) 222 – 5012 Our EMT Training course is our only course we offer which allows us to be focused exclusively on EMT Training and your success. We also offer small class size and very personalized instruction at the Institute of Healthcare.  

Our EMT classes fit the formats needed for pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-PA, and other pre-professional school candidates. It is a great program for our First Responders as well! We encourage you to check out our schedule page to see if one of our start dates work for you. 

Your Instructors have unique experience that will contribute to your success. We understand the needs of both traditional and non-tradition students. Check out the difference in EMT Training by becoming part of the Institute of Healthcare!  


Your EMT Training Begins here! 

Join us in San Diego County for one of our inaugural EMT Training Program Start Dates! Our Oceanside, California Campus features small class sizes, various start dates throughout the year to accommodate any prospective EMT students from within the area or even out of state. Whether you are looking for a new career as a first responder or perhaps a second career within the field of Pre-hospital care, we are the right educational institution to assist you in those goals!

Another great value to receiving your EMT Training with the Institute of Healthcare, Inc. is that we can provide a great foundation for those looking to get into Medical, Nursing, Osteopathic, Paramedic, Dental and other programs who require direct patient care experience to be admitted. Being an EMT is not only rewarding, but it is also a way you can help others in need and provide emergency life-saving treatment for your family, community and future patients.

The Institute of Healthcare, Inc. and its flagship Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT) Training program was recently approved to provide this training by the Local Emergency Medical Services Authority, (LEMSA) which is our agency of oversite within the State of California.




The Institute of Healthcare provides its flagship initial Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Training Program in Oceanside, California. The program is conveniently located between San Diego an Orange County, California. The Campus is a short drive from both Riverside County as well as Los Angeles County. Upon completion of the Initial Emergency Medical Technician Program and meeting the in-program requirements you will be able to sit for the written portion of the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, (EMTs).




Why Should you Choose the Institute of Healthcare for your EMT Training?

Institute of Healthcare, Inc. is the preferred provider of Emergency Medical Technician training in the County of San Diego, we provide initial EMT training for those looking for new careers, second careers or to get experience to provide to schools to be Medical Doctors, Nurses, PA’s, Dentist, Paramedics and so many more allied and professional career paths.

Where you choose to gain the educational foundation in Emergency Medical Technician studies is crucial and does matter. Our program provides expert instruction, small class sizes, one on one experience and personalized educational plans all revolved around helping our students meet their EMT educational goals. The above principles are hard to discover in the current education environment and are advantages to you choosing Institute of Healthcare for your EMT Training goals in San Diego County.



Making the decision to become an Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT), is an exciting one and we would be honored to be of assistance in this special time in your life. The Institute of Healthcare, Inc. provides an optimal learning environment with small class sizes, an open educational environment conducive to allowing for an active discussion and learning environment, which are all elements needed to find success in an EMT Training Program.


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