About Us

The Institute of Healthcare, Inc. was founded on the principle that every student matters and that in order to meet and exceed expectations we must have a focus on one program. That program is our Flagship Emergency Medical Technician Training Program! We know that EMT education is the foundation that forms the building blocks to many prosperous and prestigious careers.

Our founders believe that for prospective students to receive a top quality EMT education, they must have a learning environment which is conducive of that concept. We believe that in order for a good foundation of EMT studies to be effective, we must train with the most modern equipment. This is where some of the differences are between us and our honored EMT Training Colleagues throughout the country.

We bring decades of practical and theoretical experience from all walks of life, our program has small class sizes to promote many forms of learning and communication between students and instructors.

All of our faculty understand the needs of both the “traditional” and “non-traditional” student. This recipe is a crucial aspect of our training program as EMTs are multifaceted leaders within the community and must take leadership in and out of the classroom.  

What you are taught matters and how your education is delivered matters for all students. Anyone looking to go into the EMT career field for any reason is welcome and invited to attend our Training Program.



Who can benefit from EMT Training at the Institute of Healthcare?

– pre-professional students looking for patient care hours as an EMT

–  Those looking to be our future First Responder

-Any family member to expand there skills and medical knowledge for the good of there family, community and friends.

– Anyone looking for a career in the Fire Service or US Forrest Service

-Anyone looking for a career in Law Enforcement

Making the decision to become an Emergency Medical Technician, (EMT), is an exciting one and we would be honored to be of assistance in this special time in your life. The Institute of Healthcare, Inc. provides an optimal learning environment with small class sizes, an open educational environment conducive to allowing for an active learning. These elements are needed to find success in an EMT Training Program. Please contact us locally for a campus tour or to talk about your educational goals at (442) – 222 – 5012. You may also email us at info@instituteofhealthcare.com. The Institute of Healthcare is conveniently located within San Diego